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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and now work at Western Psychological and Counseling Services in Gladstone and at Seth Lewelling Elementary.  I am a Certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life Regression Facilitator. I am also an astrologer and Reiki Master.  I'm a graduate of Reed College (BA Psychology '87) and Portland State University (MSW '90). I work with children, teens, adults, parents, groups.
Monday, October 24, 2011
 Sibling Survivors

"There are two books, which deal specifically on losing a sibling to suicide that I will list both here and also on the recommended reading page. I highly recommend both of these books. There is also another book that deals with individual stories from those who have lost a loved one to suicide from a wide array of relationships. It has some wonderful personal stories of sibling loss to suicide. I will list it third."
1) Sara Swan Miller "An Empty Chair: Living In The Wake Of A Siblings Suicide"
2)Michelle Linn-Gust "Do They Have Bad Days In Heaven? Surviving The Suicide Loss Of A Sibling"
3) Victoria Alexander "In The Wake Of Suicide: Stories Of The People Left Behind"
4) T.J. Wray "Surviving the Death of a Sibling" (This is a new book for surviving siblings from all types of death. Suicide is specifically mentioned and written about. This is a wonderful book)
5. After a Parent's Suicide: Helping Children Heal